At Wolverhampton Glass, customers often ask which type of patio door is best and our answer remains the same; it all depends on what you value most, in terms of affordability, performance, security and appearance. That said, our customers are spoilt for choice because our patio doors consider and utilise all of these qualities and much more.

black patio doorsWhen West Midlands homeowners and landlords wish to upgrade their patio doors, the two most commonly used materials are aluminium and uPVC. We all know that sliding patio doors offer gorgeous uninterrupted views that smoothly unite indoor and outdoor spaces, especially in areas low on space, but, other than aesthetics and ultra-slim sightlines, what are the differences between these two popular material options that you need to be aware of?… You’ll find the answer to this ongoing ‘bone of contention’ within this blog, where we aim to provide clarity on which are the best patio doors for you and your family.

Aluminium patio doors vs uPVC

Patio door cost

Typically, aluminium patio doors work out more expensive than uPVC patio doors, but with good reason. Aluminium costs more to manufacture, however it can last twice as long as uPVC – aluminium patio doors have an impressive average life expectancy of 45+ years, compared to the 25-35 years of service that uPVC frames can provide. Improving kerb appeal can work wonders on increasing Wolverhampton property values, up to 10% in some cases! This makes aluminium patio doors a much more solid investment in the long run.

Patio door strength

There is a misconception that aluminium patio doors are more prone to dents, corrosion and fading. But thanks to recent technological advances, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Forming a thin, durable oxide layer, aluminium naturally resists corrosion and everyday wear and tear. Quality powder coating techniques also provide effective protection against fading and UV deterioration. Although uPVC is extremely durable, aluminium is inherently stronger. One-third the weight of steel, aluminium can be made thicker and more robust while still reducing weight! These unique properties allow aluminium to create unusual or irregular shaped patio door systems that can support larger areas of glass with ease, and also allows for considerably slimmer sightlines – which is simply not possible with uPVC frames.

uPVC can also expand and contract slightly in extreme cold or heat, which can cause opening and closing problems. Aluminium is highly stable, so there’s no need to worry about warping or bending. So, if you’re in an area subject to extreme temperature changes, this is another crucial point to consider.

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Patio door security

Our uPVC and aluminium patio doors are well matched when it comes to security features, both fitted with the latest multi-point locking systems and anti-jacking technology as standard. However, our aluminium patio doors are certified PAS24:2012 as standard, whereas our uPVC patio sliders can meet a range of PAS24:2012 requirements for an additional fee. Aluminium is also much more effective at supporting substantial loads, although, that said, our uPVC sliding patio doors feature steel reinforced frames as standard.

Patio door energy efficiency

Wolverhampton Glass is fully committed to reducing the impact on our environment, which is why we strive to provide the most thermally efficient home improvement products around. Our aluminium patio door frames incorporate innovative ‘thermal-breaks’ and our uPVC patio doors feature an energy efficient multi-chambered framing system, so both systems can achieve A ratings and excellent weather resistance with ease.

One small advantage that uPVC patio doors have over aluminium patio doors is that uPVC tends to offer slightly better soundproofing qualities. We’re not saying aluminium patio doors are bad acoustic insulators, because they’re not, it’s just that uPVC is slightly better at blocking exterior noise out.

Welcome the outside in with panoramic sliding patio doors

Available in 2, 3 or 4 pane layouts, our slender aluminium and uPVC sliding doors can be tailored to your exact tastes with a variety of colours, glazing, handles and hardware to choose from. So, now your choice is considerably clearer, get an instant quote, visit our showroom or contact us to discuss your home improvement plans further with a friendly team of experts who will be happy to help.

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At Wolverhampton Glass, you’ve got complete peace of mind as we are fully accredited by all the relevant regulatory bodies. We are a Certass registered company and are also proud to offer a 10 year insurance backed guarantee on every installation as standard.

Over our 35 years, we’ve built up quite the local reputation too. Take a look at some of our recent customer reviews from homeowners across the Midlands.

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