Heating bills are, understandably, at their highest during the winter. However, couple the cold with the ongoing lockdown and the added time spent at home and this winter might mean your heating bill is the highest it’s ever been. Let’s also not forget that more time at home means more time watching tv, using the computer and other electrical appliances, all of which contribute to higher energy bills.

However, to help you keep your energy bills down, and not just during the winter, we have listed our 8 top energy saving tips.

1. Upgrade your glazing

White timber windowsThe windows account for approximately 35% of heat loss in a building, a figure which is likely to be even higher for properties fitted with older double glazing or single glazed windows. However, the double glazing of today offers superior heat retention, so upgrading to it is a sure way to improve heat retention and lower your energy bill.

The Energy Savings Trust estimates that you can save £110 a year on energy by replacing an entirely single-glazed detached house with A+ rated double glazing. Here at Wolverhampton Glass, we have a wide selection of A+ rated windows available for fitting to your Midlands home.

2. Replace your inefficient electrical appliances

The electrical appliances of old were often built without energy efficiency in mind. For example, old freezers, washing machines, ovens and other white goods, as they are called, can have energy ratings as low as G. However, modern alternatives can have ratings of A+++. As white goods also consume large quantities of electric when used, continuing to use old, inefficient varieties can be a huge energy drain.

Top tip: Make sure to use your white goods in an efficient manner too. You can do this by only using your washing machine or dishwasher once its full, turning the temperature on your washing machine down to 30°, and air-drying clothes instead of putting them in the tumble dryer.

3. Layer up

Whilst you might be reluctant to wear too many layers of clothing whilst at home, putting on an extra jumper or wearing your dressing gown over your clothes will mean you’re not so reliant on your radiators to stay warm. So, you can keep the heating off more often and save some money in the process.

4. Invest in a programmable thermostat

A hand turning down a white thermostatWith a programmable thermostat, you can automatically set the temperature you’d like your home to be at specific times in the day. This is a more efficient way of heating your home (if you resist the urge to play around with the temperature and times), as you can avoid excessive heating and cooling, processes which consume more energy. You can also ensure your heating is off when you’re out of the house, asleep or at other times where it isn’t required.

The Energy Savings Trust estimates that installing a programmable thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves saves a typical £75 a year on energy!

Top tip: Turning your thermostat down by just 1°C can knock £60 a year off your energy bill!

5. Check for draughts and rectify accordingly

Draughts let warm air out and cold air in, which means the radiators need to work harder to keep your home warm, wasting energy. So, go around and see if you can feel any cold air coming in around your windows and doors and draughtproof as necessary. This might include installing weatherstripping, fitting a draught excluders underneath your front door, and more.

Top tip: A surprising number of people forget to shut their internal doors and windows whilst at home, which also lets out heat and lets in the cold. So, keep internal doors shut and only have your windows open for 20 minutes a day to let out internal moisture and let fresh air in.

6. Get a new front door

Black front doorAlthough draughtproofing your existing front door can save money on energy, the amount saved will be limited if your existing front door is old. However, replacing it with a modern, energy efficient alternative, will mean further savings.

We offer a wide selection of A+ rated entrance doors here at Wolverhampton Glass. We also have draught-proofed specifications available, ensuring you get the best possible energy performance for your home.

7. Apply for tax relief

Although this is not an energy-saving measure per se, if you have worked at home at all over the past tax year, you can apply for tax relief from HRMC. This is to cover additional heating and appliance usage along with a variety of other expenses you may incurred as a result of home working.

8. Change energy suppliers

Can you remember the last time you changed your energy supplier? If the answer is yes, you could save a lot of money by switching. The reason being is that you will most likely be paying the standard or default tariff, which is what most people go onto when their fixed tariff ends. Standard or default tariffs also tend to be higher than fixed ones. There are plenty of websites where you can compare energy suppliers, such as Uswitch, to help you find a better deal.

Top tip: Most fixed tariffs last a year, so switching to a cheaper deal yearly will ensure you can keep saving year after year.

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